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The 5 best coaches in college football


 1] Nick Saban,Alabama

Saban details at Alabama read more like hieroglyphics than real football numbers. A 107-18 record generally speaking. 61-12 in the SEC. 10+ wins eight straight seasons. Six division titles. Four SEC titles. Four national titles. Also, that does exclude what he did at either LSU (where he won an extra national title), Michigan State or Toledo.

Now, the inquiry isn’t whether Saban is the best mentor in school football. It’s whether he’s the best ever.

2] Urban Meyer, Ohio State

Meyer has been around for so long and has won so much that we sort of underestimate how extraordinary he’s been. He was the first BCS buster at Utah, at that point won a ho-murmur two national titles at Florida, efore coming to Ohio State. Meyer is 56-4 since he took the reigns in Columbus. WHAT? How could that be.

In some other universe, Meyer would be No. 1 on this rundown. The main thing that is keeping him from the top spot…

3] Jim Harbaugh, Michigan

There’s no compelling reason to get into the low down with Harbaugh; his resume represents itself with no issue. He took Stanford from seemingly the most exceedingly terrible Power 5 school in the nation to a Top 5 group, at that point went to a Super Bowl two years after the fact with San Francisco. He’s as of now got Michigan in the thick of the playoff discussion 18 months in the wake of touching base at in Ann Arbor. Regardless of whether you cherish Harbaugh or loathe him, the person is a whiz.

4] Bobby Petrino, Louisville

We have to move beyond the entire “Bobby Petrino might be a decent mentor, buuuut…” story and simply concede the person committed an error and recognize that he’s one of the a few best mentors in the diversion.

Petrino has won wherever he’s went and has possessed the capacity to do it most places rapidly, getting Louisville to the Orange Bowl in year four, Arkansas to No. 3 in the nation by his fourth year in Fayetteville and the Cardinals back in the Top 10 broadly. What’s significantly more amazing is the way rapidly his projects have disintegrated after he cleared out; Louisville went from 12-1 in his last season in 2006 to 6-6 the year, and Arkansas from 11-2 to 4-8 in the main season after he exited Fayetteville.

Here and there it isn’t just about how great you are, however what happens when you’re no more.

5] Chris Petersen, Washington

Petersen took an officially first class Boise State program to another level, at that point kept them there for another half-decade. At that point he exited for Washington – a program that has been the edges of national importance since the mid 2000’s – and instructed them into the national title discussion under three years after the fact. Much more great is that Petersen has done it his path, booting off troublesome folks and building the Huskies around group first players committed to the program.

Petersen has won huge at two better places, and done it in two totally extraordinary ways. Very few folks can state that.

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