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Don’t cancel trekking plans this monsoon

Trekking is one such activity that most enjoy in order to reach that perfect ‘View-point’. But there is more to that – trekking isn’t just about reaching your summit, perfect view or destination, it’s also about your journey.

The five most essential tips to keep in mind for a monsoon trek

1. Right pair of shoes

There are two focuses to remember while purchasing your trekking shoes for a storm trek – from quality to comfort. One of the best mixes to search for are lightweight shoes with one size greater than normal. The light weight keeps your feet from squeezing into the puddles and makes it agreeable to walk. At times while trekking your feet tend to swell. A shoe measure greater than your typical will enable your feet to inhale amid this time and forestall weight on your feet. Likewise, while each trek requests great hold shoes with ideal lower leg tallness, this is particularly valid for the storms as the landscape is more dangerous than any time in recent memory and minor sprains can turn into a major test amid treks. On the off chance that you can deal with a couple of waterproof shoes with every one of these components, you must pick them.

2. Lightweight- Waterproof backpack & Poncho

One of the most common mistakes people make during their treks is carrying a heavy back pack. This not only hinders with the trekking but also causes discomfort to your backbone. Opting for a lightweight- waterproof back pack is ideal for a monsoon trek. A lightweight poncho or raincoat that you can easily slip into as it can pour unannounced in the season and you wouldn’t want to get wet with the budgeted set of clothing is a must. Cotton clothing should be avoided as they take longer to dry. A spare set of plastic bags to separate wet clothes from dry ones.

3. Sunglasses

One may tend to feel that shades aren’t a vital component amid the storm season. This is false, particularly on the off chance that you are trekking on high elevations and mountains. At the point when the sky clears, the sun can strain your eyes and squinting can wind up giving you a migraine

4. Flip-Flops

A standout amongst the most agreeable contributions to your rucksack can be a couple of flip-flops. You will dependably need to camp at areas amid your trek and these flip-lemon will give your feet the breathing space after a long trek. Since most flip-flops are waterproof, it is one thing less to stress over while moving around your camp.

5. Anti-Fungal Cream

The sticky conditions amid the blustery days makes it perfect for the development of different organisms. Along these lines, contagious diseases are extremely regular amid the stormy season. Microscopic organisms and different germs likewise breed best when the air is muggy. Contagious diseases for the most part cause aggravations and tingling. Conveying an against contagious cream can be a hero in the event that you are contaminated amid the trek.

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